General Information

About Our Program Established 2012

Pennsylvania Lady Rens Basketball Club has two primary goals: Development and Exposure. This program focuses on fundamental skill development and player improvement throughout each season. Players have the opportunity to play on very competitive teams, which participate in high level, exposure-based tournaments. Each player is given individual instruction and college guidance.

  • 4th-11th Grade Girls
  • Two Weekly Team Practices
  • Maximum of 10 Players per Team 
  • Highly Qualified Coaches 
  • Dedicated, High Level Players
  • Competitive Teams
  • Intense, Skill-Drive Instruction
  • Focus on Student Athlete
  • College Preparation & Recruiting Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Playing Time
Playing time is based upon talent, commitment, game-time situations and other coaching decisions. Parents/Guardians must understand that playing time will not be equal regardless of the financial commitment towards traveling expenses. 

It is extremely important for player to commit to attending all practices. PA Lady Rens Basketball Club believes that player development occurs in practice. A player who misses practices may incur penalties in playing time at the following game. 

It is important for players to demonstrate commitment to their team. When commitment lacks from one individual on a team, the entire team suffers, which is unfair. If you are placed on a team, you are expected to attend all practices and games. If a conflict arises, communication with the coach is crucial.

Other Sports
PA Lady Rens Basketball Club will work with athletes who play another sport to determine if it is possible for the player to be a part of the program. This will be determined on an individual basis with the player, player’s family and coach.

Parent Behavior
PA Lady Rens Basketball Club believes that our highly qualified coaches, create a great experience for your daughter. Pa Lady Rens Basketball therefore asks parents to abide by a series of beliefs listed below.

  1. Let the coach do the coaching. Parents are not to coach from the sidelines during the game.
  2. Our development structure believes that each player should be gaining feedback from only one person throughout practice and games, and that is the coach.
  3. All parents should respect their coach and display sportsmanship at all tournaments, scrimmages, and practices. 
  4. Parents should remember that PA Lady Rens Basketball looks to create a positive learning environment for your daughter and that everyone involved in this process, including parents and coaches needs to be positive role models.

Different Teams, Different Schedules
Practice :
Teams will have a minimum of two weekly practices. 

Weekend Tournaments
Each team will attend different schedules, which will be determined by the coach based on the team’s talent level. High School Teams will compete throughout the summer and will attend college exposure events that end last week of July. Each team will have at least 2 overnight tournaments.